Advantages of Law Careers

Being a part of your community’s justice family can be an extremely rewarding experience. Whether you decide to pursue a career as an attorney, judge, paralegal, police officer or corrections officer, you have chosen a fulfilling path. Law careers are counted among the most prestigious in any community.

Advantages of being an attorney

Attorneys serve their community in ways that are not possible for other professions. They ensure that each person has representation in any court case, that people’s rights are protected, and that criminals are prosecuted. People serving as lawyers, whether as prosecutors or defense attorneys, earn high respect and prestige in their communities.

The job is always changing, so attorneys will be challenged frequently. They must have high dispute resolution skills to handle the job, as well as communicate efficiently. The excitement of representing a client before a court, or resolving a dispute over a will or estate is one of the benefits of the profession. Attorneys earn much higher than average salaries. Many are self employed and choose the cases they want to handle.

Advantages of being a judge

The position of judge in any community is one of high honor. A judge serves by protecting the liberty of all citizens. In many areas, judges are elected, reflecting the high esteem of his/her fellow citizens.

Advantages of Law Careers

Helping people during one of the most stressful times of their lives is satisfying. Being involved in a court case is a burden to most people, so the balanced, knowledgeable abilities of a judge are a big help.

Judges make substantial salaries, so this is one big advantage.

Advantages of being a paralegal or court reporter

Paralegals and court reporters participate in the administration of justice. Their help enables people to receive fair treatment and have all the available facts that are needed to resolve a case.

Pay is above that of others with similar education levels. Also, the need for paralegals and court reporters continues to rise.

Advantages of being a police officer

Being a police officer is rarely a boring job. Unlike an office person sitting at a desk from 8 to 5 every day, a police officer’s day is on varying tasks every day. He/she may work the night shifts, be able to work outside, and have different things happening for his entire work day. The job is always challenging.

As a police officer, you serve your community. Whether a citizen needs you as the victim of a crime or an accident, or to keep the peace, you are a vital part of their lives. Few jobs can match that satisfaction. Often, police officers save lives through catching criminals or through first aid at an accident site.

The job of a police officer in general is a steady one. While there is always the chance of danger, there is also job security. We will always need good police officers at every level of law enforcement. The pay is fairly good and the chance of advancement exists.

Advantages of being a corrections officer

Corrections officers protect the community in two ways. They protect the innocent from the harm that might be caused by criminal behavior. They also protect the criminals who are serving their time. Helping their community in this way is a matter of pride.

The job outlook for corrections officers looks good for the next decade. Salaries are expected to rise above inflation.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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