Bachelor’s Degrees

While legal jobs such as police or corrections officer can start with an Associate degree, many police officers and corrections officers carry on to the Bachelor’s degree level. To start this kind of a degree program requires a high school diploma. Many four year colleges offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Required courses include

  • Criminal law
  • American police systems
  • Sociology
  • Foundations of criminology
  • The youthful offender
  • Criminal justice management
  • Crime scene investigations
  • The judicial process
  • Research methods in criminal justice
  • Corrections
  • The court systems
  • Race and the criminal justice system
  • Supervising offenders
  • Ethics in criminal justice
  • Private security
    • Legal issues in law enforcement

Federal agents, such as those in the Federal Bureau of Information (FBI), must have a Bachelor’s degree or years of police experience or a combination of both.
Some paralegals also advance to the Bachelor’s degree or take a two day exam to receive certification from accreditation organizations. People who have already have college degrees can enter an advanced training program to prepare to be a paralegal.

Attorneys must of course, receive Bachelor’s degrees before continuing on to law school and advanced degrees.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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