Degrees needed for Law Careers

When most people think of a law career, they picture years of study after the bachelor’s degree. That is true for some positions, but you can find a career in the field of law at other educational levels.

Paralegals and court reporters typically can find positions with Associate degrees or certificates from a vocational school. Police and corrections officers can also start with an Associate degree. Degrees needed for Law Careers

Many police and corrections officers begin their service with a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as criminal justice. Federal law enforcement agencies require a Bachelor’s degree as a minimum. Police officers will attain advanced degrees to specialize in areas such as weapons, forensics, languages, or police administration. Attorneys must complete postgraduate training, usually another three years in law school. The degree is called the Juris Doctor degree (J.D.) Lawyers may also pursue advanced degrees in specialty areas, such as international law, environmental, or constitutional law.

Judges typically are lawyers before becoming judges, so they usually have completed law school. However, for some judge positions, the law degree is not required.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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