Disadvantages of Law Careers

Law careers can be satisfying, challenging jobs, but there are also some disadvantages. Think about these negatives before pursuing a position in these fields.

Disadvantages of being an attorney One of the biggest disadvantages to being an attorney is the long hours. As a junior person in a law firm, you may be expected to work 50 hours a week or more. There is great stress, especially as a court date approaches. The job also requires an irregular work schedule. Interviews may have to be handled when the person is available and research can take up many evening and weekend hours.

Another disadvantage is the amount of time that can be required to reach a higher position. Many lawyers work at a lower level for years before reaching partner.

Attorneys must spend time to keep up on recent developments in law, so they often spend many hours reading law journals at home.

Owning your own firm brings even more obligations and duties, such as hiring, managing and firing employees, managing payroll, paying workers compensation insurance, dealing with the IRS and other regulatory agencies, etc.

Disadvantages of being a judge Judges usually hold an esteemed position in their community, but they can also be open for attacks from opponents. Election times can be especially rough.Disadvantages of Law Careers

The career also requires long hours. Most of the work hours are not spent in the courtroom, but in research, dispute resolution, and writing opinions.

Disadvantages of being a paralegal or court reporter Like others in the profession of law, paralegals and court reporters can work long hours. Paralegals often are at work as long as the attorneys who employ them. Court reporters also face the possibility of work related injuries, such as repetitive stress conditions.

Another disadvantage is the lack of substantial advancement. A paralegal may have a raise in pay with increased responsibilities or by moving to another firm. Court reporters can achieve some advancement by receiving a certification.

Disadvantages of being a police officer The biggest disadvantage of being a police officer is known to everyone—the chance, slight though it is, of being killed or injured on the job. Police officers have one of the highest rates of on the job injury or illness. Along with that risk, is the stress of witnessing the grief and suffering of others.

Police officers work long hours, often at night and on weekends and holidays. This can be tiring for the officer and his family. Some police jobs require a person to be outdoors in all sorts of weather. Any police officer will spend hours working on paperwork and reports.

There is a chance of advancement in the police, but the pace may be slow and so a person may take years to move to a higher position.

Disadvantages of being a corrections officer Corrections officers must deal with difficult people each hour of their day. The job can be hazardous, as many corrections officers are injured on the job. It also can be stressful. A corrections officer must be continually on guard for trouble and confrontation.

The job requires someone to be on duty at all hours, including evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.

Some prisons and jails are overcrowded, hot or cold, and noisy, adding to the stress of the corrections officers’ job.

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