International Law and Law Enforcement

You might decide you would like to pursue a career in international law or law enforcement. The International Court of Justice, more commonly called the World Court, is the judicial arm of the United Nations. The mission of the ICJ is to settle disputes between countries and advise agencies such as the U.N. on legal questions. The ICJ is based at the Peace Palace, in The Hague, Netherlands.

    The ICJ is made up of 15 judges elected to nine year terms.

    The Permanent Court of Arbitration draws up a list of nominees when an election is approaching.

    No two members may be from the same country and one-third of the judges are replaced every three years.

Judges may serve their nine year terms and be re-elected to two more terms.

Another international organization in the law enforcement field is Interpol, short for International Police. Headquartered in Lyon, France, the International Crime Police Organization, has 188 member countries. The mission is to facilitate cross border policing without interference in each country’s law enforcement. Interpol agents do not make arrests, but they function as liaison with the law enforcement of each country.

Interpol also maintains a large database of information about international criminals, unsolved crimes, fingerprints, mug shots, and travel documents. Using this extensive database, they can analyze and predict trends in crime and send the intelligence to their member countries.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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