Law Journals

Law journals provide the informational network that people in law careers need to stay abreast of the latest developments, understand cases from other jurisdictions, and know what issues are coming up in other places. Subscriptions to law journals give an attorney a window into the rest of the legal world.

The journal of the American Bar Association is called the ABA Journal. It is published monthly, but there are also daily and weekly online elements. You can read the latest news, check on the most read features, sign up for an RSS feed that will give you content every day, and read the 100 top Blawgs. The ABA also publishes other magazines, such as Business Law Today, Criminal Justice, Student Lawyer, and The Labor Lawyer.

As a law student, you probably became aware of such prestigious journals as the Harvard Law Review, the UCLA Law Review or the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. These journals are composed by second and third year law students who have won a competition to be able to submit articles to the Law Review. Issues can be accessed online or you can be added to the mailing list.

Law Journals

Journals are available in nearly every law specialty. The Journal of Law and Economics, sponsored by The Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Law School covers the interaction between economics and law. The Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy covers those topics. The Virginia Tax Review is published by the University of Virginia Law School. The University of Connecticut Law School puts on the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal. You can find a journal for law specialties by searching with keywords on a search engine.

Many journals accept submissions from their readers. The Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy had a call for papers on the website. The Connecticut Insurance Law Journal has a section on the website with instructions for submitting articles for peer review. The Yale Law Journal has both print and online editions and they have an online submission system.

Law journals can be the best way to learn about legal issues and news, to make contact with other lawyers, and to find out about upcoming changes in the law. Having a submission published in a law journal raises your prestige and name recognition among other lawyers.

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