Passing the Police Officer Exam

Most law enforcement candidates are required to take written, oral, and physical tests before being accepted into a police academy. Each place is different, but here are some general rules.

Written Exam

The written exam typically includes 75 to 100 multiple choice questions. Most questions will be on general knowledge, such as what is covered in high school classes. Some questions will be judgment questions, that is, what would you do in a certain situation.

Oral Exam

The oral exam is much like any job interview, but it may also include a personality test. Just answer questions as well as you can and be thoughtful and careful with your answers. Don’t rush into an answer without thinking it out.Passing the Police Officer Exam

Physical Exam

A police officer must be fit, so they test your current fitness. You might be required to do a mobility/agility test where you change directions, jump low hurdles, and climb stairs. Another part may include push/pull where you are required to hoist weights with a rope and move in a circle while holding them up. You will be required to do a timed run and carry an 80-pound bag at least 50 feet.

Passing these tests gives you a good chance of being accepted into a police academy. It may take some work to score highly on these tests, but then you are on your way.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014

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